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Performance estimation with optical full adder link at 80Gbps data rate



  1. Dept. of Electronics and Communication Engineering, S.I.E.T Allahabad-U.P, India


This article explored performance investigation for all optical full adder link with non return to zero pattern. Accordingly, the sum and carry patterns for applied data inputs verified at 80Gbps data rate, outcome with 12 dB and 15 dB extinction ratio correspondingly. Numerical simulations executed for the key design parameters, depict excellent performance with modulators bias voltage above 2 volts, SOA pump current as 0.2A for sum, 0.1A for carry operation and current injection efficiency as 2, with active length of SOA for range of data rates. This exploration could further aid towards advanced complex computing networks..


All optical networks [AON], Super-fast arithmetic logic unit (SFALU), Ultrafast nonlinear interferometers (UNI), Priodically poled lithium niobate (PPLN), Semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA).


DEVENDRA KUMAR TRIPATHI, Performance estimation with optical full adder link at 80Gbps data rate, Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials - Rapid Communications, 12, 9-10, September-October 2018, pp.526-535 (2018).

Submitted at: June 22, 2017

Accepted at: Oct. 10, 2018